ECTS 518 Course Evaluation

I'm trying to develop a format to collect information about the ECTS 518 course that I can make available to potential new ECTS Scholars.

It would be helpful to have some basic qualitative information about ECTS 518, such as that suggested below, posted on web sites of scholars who have completed the ECTS 518 course. If you can/will post a single page someplace on your own web site (that you would be willing to leave posted there), with a title something like "ECTS 518 Course Evaluation" and then e-mail me the URL for that page, that would be ideal.

OR, if you just send me an e-mail (to message that addresses the following listed information, That would be very much appreciated.

Here is what I would like to know (please feel free to add anything more you think would help):
  1. Your name, what you teach, where you teach, what your e-mail address is and what the URL for your web site is (if applicable). + If posting on your own web site, a picture (like the one on your Data Sheet) would really be great too, but I know that's asking a lot!

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have any reservation about any information sent to me via e-mail being seen by anyone else, please let me know and I will keep it strictly confidential.

  2. Some comments about each of the following:

    • Organization of information in the E-TEXT.
    • Directions provided for each assignment.
    • Examples provided for each assignment.
    • How valuable the assignments were.

  3. Describe what you liked best about the course and why.

  4. Any other observations or suggestions about ECTS 518.

Any and all observations you make, in any format, will be very much appreciated. Thanks!