ECTS 518 Course Competencies


ECTS 518 is an online course in which all scholars are expected demonstrate their ability to prepare for effective instruction in their own teaching environment. This preparation will will occur through completing specific assignments and actual teaching will occur (in most cases) at the institutions where scholars are employed as teachers.

Upon entry into the Designated Subjects Credential program students will declare their credential as either Designated Subjects Adult Education (DS AE) or Designated Subjects Career and Technical (CS CTE and will develop andragogical or pedagogical strategies and methods for teaching and relative to their specific student demographics. Candidates will explore the difference between how adults and adolescents interact, the most effective learning environments, and classroom management strategies for each age group.

Everyone who completes this course successfully is expected to be able to:
    * Differentiate between andragogical and pedagogical applications relative to the target audience they teach.
    * Explain how they implemented andragogical or pedagogical strategies in the completion of this assignment.
    * Develop a Resource Directory of appropriate support people.
    * Describe an appropriate system of formal teacher evaluation.
    * Describe an appropriate system for evaluating student work.
    * Describe an appropriate system for classroom management.
    * Develop competency based materials for a substitute teacher.
    * Observe and evaluate on-site effectiveness of other teachers.
    * Prepare a series of detailed lesson plans for their own course.
    * Document 24 hours of actual teaching in an on-site setting.
    * Develop a Personal Mission Statement using Covey's model.
    * Describe how to "find your voice and help others find theirs."
    * Prepare a PowerPoint or video promoting their own course.
    * Prepare a PowerPoint or video of a specific stand alone lesson.
    * Describe cultural differences realatve to teaching and learning.
    * Demonstrate insight, dedication and professional responsibility.

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