ECTS 518 Assignments
Typical Quarter

PLEASE NOTE: ECTS 518 is now done completely online with no class meetings and anyone who is enrolled in ECTS 501 and ECTS 518 concurrently, should plan to use the first five weeks of the quarter to complete the ECTS 501 assignments and the use the second five weeks of the quarter to complete the ECTS 518 assignments. Additional time, if needed, may be allowed to anyone who has completed the ECTS 501 assignments, to complete the ECTS 518 assignments.

SCROLL DOWN and follow text links below to information about each assignment. All scholars are encouraged to work at their own pace, but should endeavor to complete assignments as soon as possible and to e-mai the three required Status Reports SR1, SR2 and SR3 to the course instructor as indicated.

Before starting on any of the assignments listed below, carefully read all of the information in the:
Scholars who are not concurrently enrolled in ECTS 501 are encouraged to start on the assignments required for the ECTS 518 Portfolio ASAP. The instructor will respond to e-mail questions sent at any time. Scholars should read all the information to be found about each assignment by following links below. After completing the above assignments and e-mailing the SR1to the course instructor, scholars should follow each of the links below for informaiton, directions and examples for each of the assignments listed:

Portfolios on CD should be mailed to the course instructor.

Important information about:


No grade reports are mailed out, but copies of official transcripts can be requested (for a small processing fee) from the CSUSB Records Office (telephone 909-880-5200).

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