Data Sheet, School Site and MOU
Do this before doing anything else!

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The very first thing that all ECTS 518 scholars are expected to do is to prepare a Data Sheet Document (information about himself/herself) and a School Site Document (information about the school or institution where scholar is teaching, has taught or expects to teach). If the scholar is currently teaching (or has just been hired to teach) in a Regional Occupation Program (ROP) They also need to complete the MOU Document. These documents should be in the same basic format as the Fred Fudrucker examples (follow links near bottom of page to see Fred's examples).

Copies of these documents (in MS Word or PDF format) should be sent to the course instructor as an attachment to the SR1 e-mail message.

All scholars who are officially enrolled should e-mail the instructor their SR1, (with their Data Sheet and School Site Documents attached) before or during the first two weeks of the quarter that they they are officially enrolled in ECTS 518.

Please format the DATA SHEET document so that it fits onto one page and the SCHOOL SITE document so that it fits onto a second page (follow the link further down this page to see the Fred Fudrucker EXAMPLE and be sure to emulate Fred's FORMAT).

The DATA SHEET document must include the following:
NOTE: Scholars not presently teaching only need to submit
the Data Sheet described above with a note at the bottom that
they are not presently teaching.

The SCHOOL SITE document should include the following:
The MOU Document Form is an agreement between CSUSB and the ROP at which a scholar currently enrolled in the ECTS 518 course is teaching. It specifies what the ROP coordinator who evaluates the teacher will do and what the CTE Program Coordinator will do. It is required of anyone who is currently teaching in a Regional Occupation Program and is currently enrolled in ECTS 518. If this applies to you, please copy and complete the form from the link just below and send that document to the ECTS 518 instructor a MS Word attachment to an e-mail sent to the ECTS 518 instructor OR if the ROP you are teaching at already has a copy of the form on file, simply send an e-mail to the ECTS 518 instructor with a copy of the form that is already on file at the ROP: Follow this link to see: Fred's Data Sheet & School Site Documents.
NOTE: It is advantageous (and recommended) to be presently employed in a teaching position when taking the ECTS 518 course; however, it is possible to complete all of the assignments during the summer, or even if you are "in between" teaching positions.

Anyone who has never taught (or is not in a position to be able to provide some sort of instruction to other people) would be better off to wait to take ECTS 518 until he/she has completed ECTS 501 and undertaken some sort of actual teaching experience!

Any questions about the teaching experience requirement should be directed to the course instructor ASAP.