How the ECTS 518 course
differs from the ECTS 501 course


ECTS 518 assignments should be presented to the instructor differently than in ECTS 501.

In ECTS 501 every assignment is required to be e-mailed, posted on a web site or delivered to the instructor on or before the due dates indicated for each assignment for the quarter the scholar is actually enrolled. That's not the way it works for ECTS 518!

In ECTS 518 only the following need to be e-mailed to the instructor:
The COMPLETED PORTFOLIO (collection of all the ECTS 518 assignments and related materials) should be completed and mailed or delivered to instructor (as specified in the information about the Portfolio) on a memory stick, CD or DVD!

Although there are a number of assignments to be completed as part of the ECTS 518 Portfolio, the instructor does not need to see any of those assignments, except the Data Sheet and School Site Documents, until the completed portfolio is submitted. The primary purpose of the PORTFOLIO is to serve as an individualized repository of useful information and materials that will (hopefully) continue to be updated througout one's entire teaching career.

Scholars may, of course, e-mail the instructor questions about any of the assignments at any time, and scholars are expected to e-mail each of the three STATUS REPORTS to the instructor as indicated.

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