Introduction to ECTS 518
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Read all of this carefully BEFORE starting assignments.

The primary focus of the ECTS 518 course is on collecting and organizing a variety of information and materials into a portfolio that is intended to be of continuing value in support of teaching. The ECTS 518 course is designed to be done all online with no traditional class meetings. Communication with the course instructor is through e-mail.

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It is highly recommended to officially enroll in both ECTS 501 and ECTS 518 during the same quarter. Anyone who successfully completes ECTS 501 may be allowed additional time to complete ECTS 518, if additional time is needed.

ECTS 518 is an all-online course with no scheduled class sessions.

Scholars may start working on assignments before officially enrolling in the course and are encouraged to work steadily to complete all assignments ASAP. Please note that the grade earned for ECTS 518 cannot be officially posted until the end of the quarter in which a person is actually officially enrolled in ECTS 518.

Scholars working on clearing their Preliminary DS/CTE Teaching Credential who are presently employed by an ROP may need to provide verification that they have met the requirement to document 24 hours of "field experience and clynical practice." If you believe this applies to you, please e-mail the ECTS 518 instructor for further clarification.

All completed assignments are to be collected into a digital PORTFOLIO on memory stick, CD or DVD to be mailed or delivered to the ECTS 518 course instructor as soon as it is completed. There is no provision for returning portfolios to scholars, so pleas be sure to retain a copy of everything associated with your portfolio. Scholars may post draft copies of assignments on their web sites or send e-mail copies to the course instructor for feedback if needed.

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All scholars are encouraged to get everything done as far in advance as possible, and try submit their completed portfolio by the end of the quarter that they are officially enrolled in ECTS 518.

The three status reports (SR1, SR2 and SR3) should be e-mailed to the ECTS 518 instructor as indicated. Follow this link to important information about STATUS REPORTS

Scholars who completed and submitted all their PORTFOLIO prior to the quarter they are officially enrolled should e-mail the course instructor at the beginning of that quarter to remind him that they have already completed the assignments and remind him to post their grade at the end of the current quarter.

Everything related to ECTS 518 can be done completely online by following the directions and examples provided in this E-TEXT and all course assignments can be completed, and full credit earned, without ever attending class! Any specific questions should be e-mailed to the ECTS 518 course instructor.

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