Organization of Portfolio
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There are two options for how the ECTS 518 Portfolio may be completed. The documents required for the portfolio (all of the ECTS 518 assignments) may be: (1) put onto a CD or memory stick, or (2) posted on a personal web site.

As the basic purpose of this assignment is to encourage scholars to collect, store and update information and materials that can be used in support of their own teaching, the manner of collecting storing and retrieving materials will reflect the individuality of each scholar. A lot of teachers still use paper notebooks, and that is OK, I (the ECTS 518 instructor) need to be limit what I see of what the ECTS scholars do, to material that can be accessed via the internet.

The criteria for the two basic options are indicated below:

CD Criteria
Web Site Criteria
Whatever option is selected for the portfolio, the format should be neat looking, unclutered, well orcanized and should facilitate easy access to all of the documents included as part of the portfolio. It is expected that the portfolio will continue to be a working resource to which additional materials can and will be added on a continuing basis.

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