ECTS 518

FIRST Status Report
SCROLL DOWN and read carefully

SR1 should be e-mailed to the ECTS Course Iistructor within one week after the scholar's Data Sheet and School Site Documents have been completed and those documents should be attached to the SR1,

The following information should be included in SR1:
  1. The full name and Student ID Number of the scholar.

  2. How and when the Data Sheet and School Site Documents were submitted.

  3. What format the completed portfolio will be in (CD or web site) and when that will be delivered to the instructor.

  4. A brief explination of why E-MAIL Standard #2 is important.

  5. The title of the book related to ECTS 518 you have started to read and what you are finding to be of interest about that book.

  6. A brief explanation of why STATUS REPORTS are important.

  7. The following VOCABULARY WORDS, with their definitions, from the E-TEXT:

    • portfolio -
    • scholar -
    • optional -
    • text link -
    • scroll down -
    • distance learning -
    • pdf -
Follow this link to see an EXAMPLE of SR1

PLEASE NOTE: All of the information in the example is bogus. Only the format of the example should be copied, NOT the content!

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