SR3 - THIRD Status Report for ECTS 518
SCROLL DOWN and read carefully

SR3 should be e-mailed to the ECTS Course Instructor within one week after the scholar's completed portfolio has been submitted..

The following information should be included in the report:
  1. The full name and Student ID Number of the scholar.

  2. The date the portfolio was submitted and how the portfolio was submitted (i.e. mailed CD or URL of website)

  3. An a brief statement indicating what grade you believe you earned and why. :~)

  4. The date that Course Evaluation was submitted.

  5. IF you have not yet "officially enrolled" in ECTS 518 at CSUSB, please indicate the quarter that you expect to enroll. A link to information about admission and registration can be found on the ECTS Web Site at Career & Technical Teacher Education.

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