Overview of Written Reports (WR)
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There are nine Written Reports required for the ECTS 518 course. The links below lead to specific informations and examples for each report.

Scholars who would like feedback (or reassurance), may send a draft of any assignment (within the text of an e-mail message, NOT as an attachment) to the ECTS 518 instructor. Please review and follow the Criteria that apply to all ECTS 518 Written Reports at the bottom of this page (SCROLL DOWN).

Be sure to review the information about ECTS 518 STATUS REPORTS.

The links below lead to the individual examples for each of the Written Reports: Criteria that apply to all ECTS 518 Written Reports:

It is very important for your written work to be PROFESSIONAL. All of the following will be considered by the instructor to evaluate each assignment: WRITING QUALITY, SUBSTANCE, QUALITY OF THINKING, GRAMMAR, SYNTAX, STYLE and the DEGREE TO WHICH WHAT WAS WRITTEN APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED IN TERMS OF THE WRITER'S OWN UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Reports that are well prepared and in compliance with all of the criteria stated above and all of the criteria stated on individual information pages will earn full credit.

NOTE: All of the Written Reports should be included in the Portfolio that each ECTS 518 Scholar is expected to complete and submited to the ECTS 518 Instructor no later than the date indicated for the quarter for which the scholar is officially enrolled.

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